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Organic Gigante d'Italia Parsley Seeds (Petroselinum hortense)

More than a garnish, this large variety is a bright and tasty herb.  Big, flat, parsley leaves on robust plants--a true giant!


The most popular herb in the Western world, parsley has a bright, unmistakable tang that unites and amplifies the flavors of any dish. Of Mediterranean origin, parsley is now grown nearly everywhere.

 Around here we use parsley on a near daily basis the year around. Chopped fine and added just before serving, parsley transforms spoonfuls of soup into flavor-packed chomps. It's also essential in hummus and grain salads like tabbouleh, where its flavor rings clearly through the quietness of chick pea or bulgur wheat. Fresh-plucked parsley--harvested just before preparing a meal--is exponentially more delicious than store-bought. And a big parsley patch is pretty! To grow it is to love it.