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Organic Lacy Phacelia Seeds (Phacelia tanacetifolia)

Also called Bee's Friend. A highly beneficial flower for pollinators and soil building.
If you have been looking for a flower that offers a trifecta of usefulness, look no further than Lacy Phacelia. Known by many names, Bee's Friend, Lacy Fiddlehead, and Purple Tansy to name a few, Phacelia is a highly beneficial flower for pollinators and soil building.This lovely Southwest native is gaining popularity throughout the entire US. Phacelia is most commonly use as an insectary crop. Its nectar producing skills are incredible, having nectar available 24 hours a day while in bloom. In fact, it does such a great job that pollinators prefer it over other crops. Phacelia is a great no-till cover crop. It produces a great amount of bio-mass and winter kills, making it easy to deal with in the spring. And if that isn't enough, the blooms are quick, elegant, unfurling spirals of lavender loveliness. Plus their long sturdy stems and ferny foliage make them a great cut flower.