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Organic Lemon Drop Hot Pepper Seeds (Capsicum baccatum)

Small, crinkled yellow hot peppers with citrusy heat.

Hailing from South America, this hot pepper is a stunner. Its habit is incredibly vigorous, forming big, tall, strongly upright plants that are naturally lush. Each plant tends to bear heavily, its branches laden with dozens of small, waxy-skinned fruit that turn from light green in mid-season to golden yellow at ripeness. The flavor of each is exceptional: truly citrusy, even when green, with a level of heat that is in the range of cayenne—suitable for spicing a dish without overwhelming it.

Also known as Aji Lima, this member of the Capsicum baccatum species takes a few weeks longer to mature than your average garden pepper, but the results of your patience will be well worth the wait. Large, vigorous plants yield copious amounts of wrinkled fruits. (One plant is plenty for a home garden!) Several weeks after setting fruit the little green fruits start to turn yellow. It might be the color, but we swear this hot little pepper is citrusy too. If you like a bit of heat, one pepper is enough for a pot of chili, use more if you are a fiend. This pepper also makes a great hot sauce.