Gardener's Hand Soap

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  • Excellent hand scrub
  • Excellent stain remover
  • All natural
  • Long lasting Bar

This powerful hand scrub is an incredibly moisturizing soap AND stain remover. Normally found in garden shops, Gardener’s Hand soap can be used by anyone washing their hands frequently. Doctors, mechanics, artists, and cooks all rave about this gentle yet powerful bar of soap

This fantastic soap will also work to remove stains off your laundry, carpet, furniture or linens. It is powerful on even the most fragile fabrics. Just wet the soap and the stain, rub Gardener’s Hand directly on the stain and rinse with hot water. This soap will remove the stain without any harsh chemicals or bleach.

This is a naturally effective product without any added dyes, chemicals or sulfates. Many artists use our Gardener’s Hand soap on their brushes to remove paints gently without any damage to the brush!