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 "Adding house plants to my home décor sounds great, but what do I do if I have windows in my home that are small or directed north? I want to add plants in my living room, dining room and bathroom, what can I do? Luckily there are plants that grow without sunlight (requires bright indirect light) and you can grow them indoors. Great Low Light Plants: Dracaena is a beautiful houseplant, with over 50 species to choose from, that you can grow at home.  Bromeliad is a perfect plant to grow indoors, most of the varieties of this plant thrive easily...

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Adding plants to your home decor does not have to be intimidating. Consider adding succulents. They can be a really low maintenance plant that looks great year round! We carry a wide range of succulents and love to share care tips.5 Easy Care Tips: Water Less - Give them a good soak once a week. During the winter months once every two weeks. Put in enough water to just get the soil damp. The same thing goes for a container without a drainage hole. Well Drained Soil - Make sure your succulents are in well draining soil, so the roots...

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