Stop Killing Your Plants - Easy Guide for Choosing the Right One

Stop Killing Your Plants - Easy Guide for Choosing the Right One

Feel like you kill every plant that you buy? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! A lot of people feel like a complete brown thumb, brutally murdering every plant that comes through the door.

Guess is not totally you. It’s them! A majority of the issues is choosing the right plants. Most likely you’re just choosing the wrong ones for you and your space.

 5 Questions to ask before purchasing an indoor plant. 

 1. How much sunlight does your space get during the day?

This will may also vary from room to room, but before you bring home an indoor plant, take time to notice just how much sunlight comes into that space. Direct or indirect? Light duration? 
If there are areas of your house that receive 4-6 hours or more of sunlight per day, then the space is perfect for the Bird of Paradise, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Leaf Plant, Jade Plant and Cactus.
But if the space get low indirect light, such as the bathroom or an office cubicle you should consider Golden Pothos, Maiden-Hair Fern, Snake Plant (See Low Light Plants)  do wonders in these conditions.


2. What is your indoor climate like?
Many of the indoor plants we talk about are tropical plants which come from naturally humid habitats. Unless you live in a particularly humid climate, species like the Bird of Paradise, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Leaf Plant and Split Leaf Philodendron do well with a misting once per day during the summer months and once a week during the winter months.

That sounds like to much work or your short on time then consider species that come from drier climates. Succulents and Cactus are the perfect choice and do well with an infrequent yet consistent monthly or bi-monthly watering.

3. Do you move houses (or the furniture) a lot?
Indoor plants have an attitude of their own and for some varieties, once they are comfortable they don’t like being moved around to new locations.  This is not ideal if you love rearranging furniture frequently! (Source)

Although, it helps to rotate (turn around in the same spot) the plant regularly to prevent it from growing lopsided.

4. Do you have pets?
This a huge consideration when choosing indoor plants  - Do you have pets or even young children?

Some indoor plants, as beautiful as they are, are extremely poisonous when ingested. It is best to keep them out of reach pets and children or to avoid owning such species.


Poisonous plants to watch out for include the Split Leaf Philodendron, Jade Plant, Golden Pothos and String of Pearls. These plants contain a toxic chemical that can irritate the mouth, tongue and lips of animals, causing vomiting, difficulty swallowing and even death in cats and dogs.

5. How big is the space you plan to house your plants?
Remember that plants GROW.  Consider just how large your space can handle when the plant does grow.

Plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Rubber Leaf plant can grow up to 3m tall so are best suited to larger rooms and spaces. While moderately sized plants such as the Zanzibar Gem, Jade Plant and Split Leaf Philodendron can grow to about 1-1.2m high.

For tight spaces pick plants that grow up instead of out, the Mother In Law’s Tongue is a great one for this.

A good tip if you want lots of leafy coverage but lack the floor space, is to go for hanging or cascading plants such as the Golden Pathos or String of Pearls which can grow up to 1m long foliage. 

If you have had trouble in the past with house plants, please give it another try. We hope that these tips help and solve some of your problems. 

Papilio carries a fantastic selection of house plants.  Stop by the store and we can help you pick out the right plant for your house. 

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