Lets Grow!

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Lets Grow!

Springtime means that it is time to get back into the garden.  A garden has so many benefits.  Besides providing food, it is a place to soak up the sunshine, enjoy an activity with your family, and for some it is a method of reducing stress. 

Fresh vegetables and herbs are beautiful and a favorite piece of summer. We are so excited to be carrying the most amazing and beautiful seed packets from Hudson Valley Seed Company this spring. 

The Hudson Valley Seed Company (HSC), provides high quality organic herb and vegetable as well as flower seeds, but there is something more.  Their seeds are packed in spectacular artwork by 14 artists, using mediums including: Watercolor, oil painting, pen and ink, stained glass, paper sculpture, and paper-painting. The original works from each year form a traveling exhibit called The Art of Seed.

You get a piece of that art work on each packet of seeds.  HSC also created a charming way to share as gift called Seedy Greetings, which instantly elevate your seed pack to a full-fledged ready-to-go gift—for just a few bucks!

These silhouette cards make for a striking presentation - Butterfly, Hummingbird, Flower, or a Sprout. Pick an Art Pack, pick a card, and voila—a wonderful and complete gesture gift for teachers, neighbors—and just about everyone on your greeting card list!

Improve someone's day! Seeds are a small, inexpensive gift that carry big, rich meaning.

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