Florida Summers with Lilly Pulitzer

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Florida Summers with Lilly Pulitzer

Bright colors, wild prints, and Florida inspired designs is Lilly Pulitzer.

In 1960, Lilly Pulitzer created a new fashion genre, using Palm Beach as her inspiration, she blended bold, vibrant, and spill proof prints reflecting her passion for life and choosing to live sunny side up.

Still today, each and every single print and pattern are designed by hand in the print studio.  The designers sketch, draw, marker, watercolor, and block print every tid-bit of the line, which creates prints and patterns that bring the brand to life each season. Did you know that every Lilly print has a hidden "Lilly" ?

When you wear Lilly Pulitzer clothing or glam up with the accessories, it has a special attitude. It's you having fun. It's you being fun. You can't help but wear a smile.

This summer add some Lilly fun!

Heading to the beach, hanging on the lake, or lounging by the pool, Papilio has a huge selection of Lilly accessories to bring brightness to your summer adventures.

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