Discovery Lake Girl Clothing Line

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Discovery Lake Girl Clothing Line

During our travels, we are always keeping a lookout for unique products.  Two years ago we had the opportunity to take a summer trip to Minnesota to visit family and take part at an art show in the city of Wyzata.  We had a great time at the show and even ran into a customer who had been to Papilio right when it had opened and was now spending her summer back in Minnesota. Small world! 

 During that trip we were also honored to have University of Minnesota's Arboretum buy some of our Butterfly Cases for their retail store.  It was so exciting to see Joel's artwork hanging in such a beautiful space.

Throughout our visit to we kept encountering what seemed to be a very popular clothing line in that state.  Everywhere we went we saw ladies wearing Lake Girl attire and accessories.  It made sense, Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and of course everyone there lives by a lake. Then the little bell went off in our heads. The city of Mount Dora sits in Lake County and many of our customers live by or on a lake.

 We contact the director of the clothing line,  who was excited to have us carry and represent Lake Girl in Central Florida.  We are currently one of only three boutiques in the state to carry Lake Girl. It has been so well received by our customers that we find ourselves having to grow the Lake Girl section.

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