Dirty Sailor Girl Soap Company

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Dirty Sailor Girl Soap Company

Meet artist Omeida, creator of Dirty Sailor Girl Soap Company out of Orange City. We are over joyed to offer her products in our store. .

Dirty Sailor Girl is anything but Dirty! Created to provoke and inspire Bold Fierce & Fearless femininity. Creating exceptional bath products took care in research and development. All products are created by hand using fair trade and organic materials while supporting the growth of the manufacturers who source the materials directly from the communities and farmers who harvest them.

Omeida understands that Dirty Sailor Girl Soap products are used during the most intimate part of a woman's daily routine. "To know that you too are among a fleet of women sharing in life's adventure and in spite of where you've been or are in life - you can still be a Bad-A$$...if you aren't already." explains Omeida. "I want every woman to know and feel that success is attainable with hard work and that you control your outcome of success."

So whether, you're lathering up or buttering on, when you use Dirty Sailor Girl products she wants you to know that you're not alone - you're part of a Fleet.

Being Bold - Fierce & Fearless is Anything But Dirty! Lather on, Like a#GirlBoss

Papilios carries the Dirty Sailor Girl line of bath bars and bombs.

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