Lets Get Outside

Lets Get Outside

Children today have exchanged making tree forts, catching critters, and digging in the dirt  for more sedentary pursuits. A Kaiser Foundation Study revealed that children ages 8 - 18 spend 7 hours 38 minutes a day on electronic devices. (Electronic devices includes anything with a screen)

Getting children outdoors and experiencing nature is an important part of being a kid. Sadly, statistics show in a typical week only six percent of children today age 9-13 play outside on their own. 

Exploring the outdoors is critical to fostering a healthy conservation ethic for the future generation.

6 Ideas to Get Outside

Let's encourage children to get outdoors and explore this Spring. Here are 6 awesome ideas to make it happen.

    Learn about Birds 

    Birds are fascinating. Exploring and learning about birds with children is such a great adventure. Playing bird theme games and reading books can inspire a child to want to learn more.  Then getting outdoors with binoculars to bird watch or creating a bird feeder to bring the birds to you, will bring giggles of joy.

           Bird Feeder

    Read books together

    Spending time reading with children opens their eyes to a whole other world and sparks their curiosity.  By reading books about nature, it creates a connection and opens up conversation. 


     Creative Sketch 

    Children today are busy.  Teach them how to slowdown and take in the world around them.  Grab a sketch pad, some pencils, and head outside to picture journal. 

     Sit quietly for a few minutes and then have the children draw whatever catches their eye.  It could be a small blade of grass with a beetle crawling or a blooming flower.  Anything that inspires them and lets their creativity flow.

    Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Head out into the backyard or a local park for a scavenger hunt.  Hunt for:  nuts, leaves, pine cones, spider, seed pods, a feather, a bird, beetles, foot prints, mushroom, squirrel, lady bug, pebble, clover, etc. Consider bringing some of these items home for nature inspired crafts.

    Nature Crafts 

    Using elements collected during a walk or playtime at the park, makes for a great craft projects. Taking leaf rubbings, creating critters out of small pine cones and pipe cleaners, and how about a nature weaveThese hands-on activities foster incredible creativity.

    Play a Nature Inspired Games

    Playing games as a family, is priceless. Anytime time together and way from the devices is rewarding to everyone.


     This Easter or as a birthday gift, consider giving gifts that gets children outdoors and brings families together.



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